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We try harder to get the best rate when you renew your mortgage.

Around 120 days (4 months) before your current mortgage term ends, your renewal time begins. You can only sign by talking to us; this is a critical time to think about your options.

Many homeowners stick with their current mortgage lender because they believe it's easier than shopping around or because their existing bank offers the best deal.

What if it's not? Before you commit to another term, please take advantage of the opportunity to have us look around for you. If your requirements have changed, you can get a better mortgage or save thousands of dollars.

  • You can get a better rate this time.
  • You are not the only homeowner to experience rate remorse, and we can help you if you think you could have gotten a better rate on your last term.
  • Getting you a better mortgage is our favorite workout at True North Mortgage (come on, work it!).

 We check with all lenders, even your bank, making it simple. We are very competitive with you. Our brokers are the best, but they are also paid so that they can provide truly objective advice. We’ll also give you a discount based on the volume of work we do because mortgages are all we do. We’ll be able to offer you the best rate we can find if you qualify.

Our help is completely free, and we quickly go over the specifics of your renewal to help you make a better decision. If you decide to switch lenders or move, an appraisal or additional paperwork may be required. Alternatively, you should be made aware of any pre-payment penalties. We are familiar with the procedure and always available to ensure your decisions are as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

Would you happen to need a handy reminder? If you use our mortgage reminder tool, we’ll send you a note 120 days before your renewal. Then, to begin your process, could you give us a call or submit your application online?

You don’t have to trust that your recharging bank proclamation will investigate your choices.  Your lender may send an early renewal offer. Or maybe they won’t. Your lender must legally send your renewal statement at least 21 days before the end of your mortgage term. However, even though we can respond quickly, you will only have a little time to investigate your options over three weeks.
First, please ask about your lender’s best offer.

Be confident in your right to return to them to negotiate for their best rate or mortgage product, even if they have offered you an early renewal.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation of all options. We can beat their rate or assist you in selecting a mortgage that is better suited to your shifting requirements. Ultimately, you should have all the information you need to decide whether to transfer or renew your mortgage.

What about an early renewal?
You should immediately start the renewal period if you have a year or two left on your mortgage and you can see prices rising or falling. To lock in a different rate for a subsequent full term, you must break your mortgage term early and likely incur penalties or fees (depending on your product or lender). We can run the numbers to see if an early break would make savings sense in your situation if rates are going up or down quickly.