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First Time Home Buyers

We've been doing mortgages for quite some time, with over $19 billion in funded Canadian mortgages. In addition, unlike a bank, our independent True North Mortgage brokers are free to compare rates from various lenders to find you the best deal. Additionally, due to our volume, we can pass on a rate discount, which could save you thousands of dollars over your mortgage. Contact us; it's simple, with no cost or obligation, and pronounced. Alternatively, submit your application immediately to receive superior mortgage advice and a prompt response. The sort of home loan you get genuinely matters more than incredible rates.

Do you see a shallow rate online? What's this?

The mortgage that comes with it may trap you with more restrictions or penalties that will cost you more money in the long run or when you renew it. Getting the right one at the best rate is essential to make your first mortgage work for you in the long run.

That is where we come in — we know everything there is to know about contracts and can track down the right one for you. You can only get what your bank offers if you go there, and you can rest assured that you didn’t miss out on a better option because we can check with all of them, including our own THINK Financial.

Your Documents: The bank or lender’s requirements for all required paperwork will be explained in detail by our mortgage broker.

The Final: The lawyer of your choice will receive all paperwork.
When you walk in your door for the first time, you’ll be glad to know that you got the best mortgage rate and fit and that we’ll always be here for you in the future (when your mortgage is due for renewal!).

Do you need money now?

Cash Back Mortgages with both variable and fixed rates are available from us. Please let us know if this is the best choice for you.

Your absolute first home is energizing yet scary — this is how we simplify it.
It may be the single most significant financial decision you will ever make, in addition to being a considerable commitment. That doesn’t sound easy, but we make the procedure simple and hassle-free while saving you a lot of money:

For great information and advice, see our guide for beginners.
Our customized mortgage calculators and other valuable tools show you your numbers.

Easy to apply online. Our form quickly directs your questions in the right direction, also telling you what information you need to provide. When you click “submit,” we will respond amazingly quickly.
Or, you can just contact us by phone or in one of our stores.

Find an experienced broker who can assist you in your native tongue.

With unified, knowledgeable brokers who handle all of the negotiating on your behalf (we are highly competitive on your behalf), you can rest assured that you will obtain the best mortgage rate and fit.

I’d like to know the difference between a fixed rate and a variable rate and the type of payment you should start with.

Find a natural person who will help you every step of the way. We are with you as soon as you enter your front door (just kidding, but we are with you in spirit, dancing joyfully).

A smooth cycle from start to finish

It is your first mortgage, but not ours at all. You can rest assured knowing that our highly trained brokers will guide you effortlessly through each stage of the mortgage application process:

Your Security Deposit: The amount of your down payment can make a difference when you first buy a house, but if you have excellent credit, you can borrow as little as 5%. We can help you look into various programs and strategies to help you finance your down payment.

Pre-approval from you: We quickly determine the best mortgage amount and interest rate based on the most recent federal stress-test requirements. Depending on the lender, most True North Mortgage pre-approvals come with a 120-day rate hold, giving you plenty of time to find the ideal home before you start house hunting. Also, could you do this, but not that, to help ensure your pre-approval is granted until the very end?

The Process of Buying a House: Could you include a condition day and allow yourself at least a week to finalize all financing, if necessary? Remember to schedule a home inspection during this time!

Your down payment can be topped up with federal funds through the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive Program.

RRSP Home Purchasers Plan (HBP) permits you to get premium-free from your reserve funds towards an initial investment.

Federal First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit of up to $750 that can be used for closing costs.

Other tax rebates, both federal and provincial, may help offset closing costs and the GST/HST.

You can get the information you need from us even before you apply. Feel free to talk to us. Once you’re ready, we’ll check with lenders on your behalf and walk you through every possible financing option. Your mortgage will be approved with the most favorable rate and terms.