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Mortgage Loan Approve in 24 hrs
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We have access to the best rates and thousands of mortgage products, including through our in-house lender, THINK Financial. We check with many lenders, including your bank, to find the most flexible mortgage rate and yield.

Then, to safeguard you from sudden rate increases, we hold your best rate (for which you qualify) for up to 120 days. Now that you know your rate is safe, you can find the right place.

We'll get you fully approved and give you our volume discount when you find the home of your dreams to help you save a lot of money.

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To qualify for a mortgage in Canada, you must first determine your debt-to-income ratios:

Your monthly household income should equal roughly 39% of your gross debt service (GDS). Divide your gross monthly household income by the sum of your mortgage payments (principal plus interest), taxes, heating costs, and, if applicable, half of your monthly condominium fees. Your monthly household income should be at most 44% of your total debt service (TDS). Add any other debts, such as car payments, personal loans, and credit card payments, to the housing costs from the previous point. Divide this total by your gross monthly household income. If you have a lot of debt, we can help you consider whether taking equity out of your home would be cost-effective to consolidate your debts. .

  • Our knowledgeable True North Mortgage broker will request a copy of your photo identification to help ensure that no one is impersonating you to commit title fraud or borrow money for a home elsewhere. We may also ask you about your credit history to verify the information on your record.
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Please contact us to get pre-qualified for the amount of your mortgage if you're considering buying a house or other property.

You will know how much money you can spend on each number and which neighborhoods are within your price range.

Could you let me know if you are looking now? How thrilling. We'll take you one step further when you apply with us, giving you pre-approval and a rate hold.

If you are serious about finding a home,

getting pre-approved is essential (imagine your real estate agent vigorously nodding in agreement here). It is a lender's conditional commitment to provide you with a more accurate picture of the size of your mortgage that you can afford. Most importantly, your pre-approval empowers you to create exciting (and realistic!) decisions when searching for a home or vacation home.

Your Pre-Approval at Federal Mortgage Brokers is as follows:

Easy and convenient — apply online, over the phone, through our chat, or at a store location. Handled by a highly-trained broker rather than a bank teller for a better mortgage experience. Stored on secure servers to protect your privacy. Guaranteed to be your best interest rate for up to 120 days (depending on the lender). Inquire about our Cash Back Mortgages Fast by completing our easy-to-use short form in just nine minutes (apply now!) You'll need to provide accurate information to begin the process, and we'll guide you through the rest.

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